Spasms Past & Present

Gary Cozine

Gary Cozine was the founder of the Laryngospasms and has been there for every performance. Gary and his wife, Shelly, also a CRNA, work at MidState Medical Center in Meriden, Connecticut. In their spare time, Gary and Shelly like to travel, cook and hang outdoors, sailing or hiking. "I love living on the East Coast now. I miss Minnesota, but there's just so much to do here. And we absolutely love New York City," Gary said.

Asked about the impact of being a Spasm on his career, Gary said, "Back in anesthesia school, I could have never guessed that the Laryngospasms would be my 
contribution to the anesthesia arts."

Keith Larson became a Spasm in 1999. He is a graduate of Saint Mary’s University School of Nurse Anesthesia in Minneapolis, MN. Keith works as a nurse-anesthetist in the Twin Cities. He is married to Dana and has three children: Eric, Sydney and Ramsey.Keith is a long time veteran of song and stage. He grew up in a musical family, and was the youngest child of four for 12 years until baby sister Jodi came along and stole the coveted spot. The 12 years of youngest child status, however, was enough to solidify Keith’s fondness for being the center of attention and to propel him toward creative performance endeavors. Vocally, Keith has trained with coaches Bonnie Faber and Emma Small, and has held lead roles in numerous community theatre productions. He is also a professional wedding singer, and performs with the accompaniment of his talented wife Dana.


Past Spasm Members
Todd Adams, Rod Coyour, Lee Harris, George Hoffman, David Kimball, Mike Landgraff, Rich Leyh, Doug Meuwissen, Mike Polivka, Bruce Thorpe, Dave Voth, Don Walter, Todd Walter